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Thread: Two Federations

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    Two Federations

    I read that theres going to be a new federation forming from the IFBB, totally independant, and FLEX is going to be covering it. Dunno if it will work or how that will organise it, but i think they should make it Biased towards aesthetics. That way we can have the mass monsters in the IFBB and dexter can win whatever will be rivaling the olympia (should he choose to switch). Just an idea, but it would be interesting as things like synthol, roid guts etc would seriously mark someone down, instead of being overlook for the sake of 10lbs more muscle.

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    That idea is over and done with. American Media (the group that bought the Weider magazines) was planning on starting another federation if they couldn't work out an agreement to buy the IFBB. They worked it out, so no new federation.

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