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Thread: Cycle Help

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    Cycle Help

    I did a cycle of winny about 6 months ago and had ok results i am now going to do a new cycle of:

    Deca 300
    super test 250

    I have done these before but individually I never did them all in one cycle before.
    One of my friends is half way through his cycle and getting good results but then again I want more feedback then just a few people I want to do this safe and make sure I do it right to get the best results from the cycle. So if you where to put this in a cycle how would you take it
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    Thats a heavy course you wanna do but why so many sustanon works great i think its the best ive ever used. 500mg of sus with some deca trust me you will explode.

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    If thats just yoru second cycle, thats a little heavy!

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