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Thread: Esiclene?

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    Hi 2 all, this is my first post here. I have a question, hope u can anwer it. Im a competitive bodybuilder, Ive just started my contest diet and Ive been considering to use esiclene 2-3 weeks before my shows. I really have zero experience when it comes to esiclen so I wanted to ask you guys about your opinion and experience.
    I would appreciate an answer, Thanks.

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    whats that?

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    Quote Originally Posted by hotrod1
    whats that?
    Its an anabolic steroid that causes inflamation in the muscle bellies causing them to expand (swell), it is only temporary and so only used shortly before a competition. (If i have gotten my wires crossed please correct me)
    From what i have read it can be useful in bringing up a lagging bodypart, but i read that it wasnt in production anymore and so is hard to obtain. I personally dont carry an opinion as to whether or not i agree with its use. If you can get hold of it and wish to use it then i guess you will. As to dosing etc sorry but i dont know anything about that, but will be interested in reading others posts on the subject.

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    i personally wouldnt use anything that would amount to experimental at this late stage in your contest prep. It could cause more harm than good, and i dont think the judges would favor a egg size lump in your calf or delt.

    JMO...Good luck

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    You have to use this many months before a show to enhance bodyparts. A few weeks before is pointless.


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    I've read that most of the pro's back in the 80's and 90's used it quite often! Flex Wheeler wrote about using it in MD a month or two ago as well. I don't know much more than that, the way it was explained was that it was better than syth, because it's temporary, and I don't think it's steroid . I'm not sure though.


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    esiclene ...aka..formebolone
    is for cosmetic puposes only,used anywhere from 4 to10 days prior to a competition to produce the illusion of a larger muscle's usually only injected into smaller muscles..delts,bis,tris,traps...the swelling effect will disapear after 2 days.usually used 1ml per muscle per day,but you should use as little as nesacerry to see results.esiclene also contains lidocain to dull the pain.and believe me it is painful.what you are actually doing is inflaming the muscle
    there is a newer product out that is reportedly better its called NOLITIL,and it will actually increase your vascularity
    esiclene is pretty much obsolete with guys now taking synthol,synthol does a much better job accomplishing what esiclene was used for.just dont over do it
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