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    hey guys,

    I am very interested in competing, and have been for quite sometime, and I think im ready to start training for the purpose to compete. I was just wondering if anyone here bridges or never comes off at all cause I dont want to come off at all if I am goin to compete. I believe it would set me back too far if I were to come off, and I've tried to bridge with growth ,but it made me too lean. So I was thinking If I were to run gear all year long or bridge with certain drugs I would be fine and in perfect shape to compete ( I know if i bridge I'm still on steroids and it is very unhealthy for you) Please if anyone here stays on all year long could u please give me some pointers on what to actually do and also what to run during such as hcg ,clomid,tribulus while cycling, and what drugs should i use to bridge i've heard dbol but I will only run that for 4 weeks just like before a competition I dont like too much water on my body, I was also thinking low dose test, and if this be the case could someone shed some light on the matter as how to run it. I am very sorry if you think this is a stupid question I did not mean to bother anyone I just dont know anything about this...thank you for your time

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    Bro, unless you're making a living posing, I can think of no reason to continuoulsy bridge, and even then it is terribly hard on you. Are you prepared for weekly injections the rest of your natural life. You stay continuous and you'll permantly shut down your HPTA, and be forced into HRT. You'll also definitly develop impotence, prostate problems, and extreme male patern baldness.Be patient bro, use wisly, you'll get there.
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    Ok thanks hombre

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    my advice? try not to let your heart explode

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    No 1 you should not bridge forever and come off every so often...but that is not your question so i will answer what you are asking.

    Yes you can bridge, i would go with 50mg of D-bol first thing upon wakening, this is when your natural androgen production is the highest and you body will not even notice you are taking anything as you will be going with the bodys natural hormon pulsation...two i would add 20mg of Anavar about 12 hours after the d-bol injestion...anavar has no negative effect on your HPTA, now through in 100mg / day of clomid for first week and 50mg / day there after and you should be able to recover and stay that way even known you are still mainteining your body weight with anabolics/ could also through in GH at a lower dose to further help with this matter and maybe little bit of insulin after training (research this subject as insulin can be DEADLY), you should be able to stay big and be "Almost" clean lol hope that helps...XXL

    All of the Statements made by Mr. Mike_XXL are purely fictional and have absolutely no merit and are not meant to cure, prevent or diagnose any disease, please consult your Physician before starting any exercise and supplement regiment.

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    I know this thread is a month old but I'll coment anyway:

    Your HPTA is not the only thing you need to worry about recovering between cycles. Anavar has little effect on your HPTA; however it lowers HDL. You HDL usually is decreased during a cycle. So, bridging with Anavar will keep your HDL levels low and possibly drop them even lower than what they were at the end of your cycle. If youre body maintains a low level of HDL for too long, you increase the risk of experiencing a heart attack and/or othe complications related to low HDL (plaque on arteries, hardening artieries, etcetera).

    Instead of admitting to staying on steroids year round, people say they're "bridging." Bridging is just self-deception. The safest and wisest thing to do is to use the "time on = time off "rule. To ensure that your body has adequately recovered before the next cycle, take blood tests and review the results.

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