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    Competition Bros need your help!!

    Hey guys whats up...I have a show coming up in about 1 week and I am thinking about using a mild diuretic for the show....I have heard that if you are very lean around 4-6% bodyfat that adding a diuretic will make u shredded like no other....Well I want to use it but I am very scared of going flat for the show, losing to much size, and looking like crap!! however, I have aldactone (25 mg) which I have been hearing is a very mild diuretic...I have talked to Mike XXL and he gave me the proper dosages which was great advice so I know how to use it but now my questions are....has anyone tried this diuretic pre competition? have you ever went flat, lost size, lost muscle pumps or cramped? I just am very nervous and would like some input, I have 2 days to make up my mind.....thanks guys!! any advice is very very welcome!!

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    I think I answered this one in the anabolic forum. Aldactone is good bro. Especially for your first time. Potassium sparing......DONT take any additional potassium! As far as cramping goes, there are many factors that cause you to cramp. I've cramped before not using diuretics! I think diet plays a big part in cramping etc... I usually go with lasix the night before . You have to know what you are doing or else it can lead to disaster. But a really good drug if you are a wise one!

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    Out of all diuretics Aldectone will have the smallest possibility of making you go flat as it is mild, I would not use Lasix esspecially for your first show as you might flatten out quite a bit from it, i know i did...just use you aldecton don't panic as stress will cause cortisol relewase and make you hold water, just do what you have too do, the most danegerouse thing you can do at this point is listen to too many people, pick a way of doing things and go for it...good luck Bro!!!

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