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Thread: modivate me

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    Unhappy modivate me

    hey guys,
    let me start by saying this site has help me so much with all my lifting questions. But i need some modivation here im 17 and heave been lifting on and off for 2 years and pretty ahrd for the past 4 months. i love lifting it makes me feel so much better not only physically but mentally also im 5'7 170 and i would say im a pretty good size. But one day i want to compete and i look at pics of half u on this site and im just like **** i will never be that big i under stand most of the people that post here are a number of years older than i am but i mean it seems all most impossable to get as big as some of u are. did u allways have strong bulids or did u just work hard enough and it over the years paid off. ill try to post some pics when i can get a cam. but untill then ne word of advise to keep me modivated would be awsome most my friends work out but im the only one that is really serious about gettin HUGE. and if ne one that sees this is around highland ny area (new paltz, kingston) and wouldnt mind if i started to lift with u please drop me a line bunkerking58! i dont mind driving to a diffrent gym if it will help me.thanks

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    well if ur eating is staight youll always see results bro.......dont get discouraged if you feel like youve hit a plateua, make some changes in ur training or maybe your diet? ask questions here man, thats why we have these boards.


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    No one starts out huge, you say your 17, 170 thats pretty good. My buddt and I started competing when I was 17 and he was 19. I am 5'5 and compete the last time i competed I weighed 150. My buddy is 5'8 and competes at 165. So just dive into it, find a show you want to do, diet down to what you think you have to be to looked ripped and jump in the teen class. PM me if you want any more info

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    I'm with ToJuice. To become the bodybuilder you talked about in your post you gotta have the heart and determination. Without this you have nothing. Set goals bro.

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