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    Ok, my first show on March 19th in Fresno. Need help

    Ok guys this will be my first show and right now i need help with my cycle. The show is on 3/19 and i guess i want to start 12 weks out.

    If you guys don't know, I'm 6'3 255 lbs. I think I'm very porportioned. I'll post some pics soon. My last cycle was prop, fina, var for 12 weeks. I've been off for 7 weeks now. So that means i want to start at the end of Dec. My last cycle was the worst recovery ever. So this time I want to end with a long lasting ester. This is what I was thinking:

    1-12 enat 500mg/ ew
    1-4 dbol 30mg/ ed
    10-15 winny 50mg/ed
    8-15 fina 75mg/ed
    nolva 10mg/ed
    ldex .5mg/ eod
    1-15 hcg 500iu 2x week

    Clen somewhere in there.
    What do you think?

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    That looks good to me.maybe on the 12th week add 400mg prop a week until the 15th week.Also you might consider to increase the nolva to 20 mg.

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