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    Hey guys im currently 6'2" weigh 225lbs. probably 7-8 percent bf

    gonna start cycle saturday that is 12 weeks out from comp date. hows this look

    test e 250 - 750 mg per week weeks 1-13
    eq200- 600 mg per week weeks 1-12
    fina 75 mg /day weeks 1-10
    nolva 10-20 mg per day throughout

    whats an ideal weight for my height and would you do anything different with the juices?? ohh ill also be taking some arginine too help out too..
    let me know what you guys can . anything is appreciated. thanks and this is my third cycle first was test only second was test / fina very good results. let me know thanks

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    I wouldn't run test e all the way through the contest. Test E will cause you to hold some water. I'd run it to week 7 then switch to a shorter acting test like Prop or Suspension.

    test E 1-7
    Eq 200 1-12
    fina 6-11
    prop or suspension 7-12
    nolvadex throughout

    I'd also run the fina towards the end. Post your cycle in the steroid section so more people will look at it and offer their input.

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