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    8 Weeks Out till comp!!!!!!

    I am doing a competition March 12, and it is a novice bodybuilding show. This is going to be my first comp so is there going to be any problem with me getting in this show or can anyone enter. I just started dieting and i want to get down to 176 1/4 and right now i am 189, it shouldn't be that much to lose i started out at 200 even so i already lost 11lbs.

    Age 22
    height is 5"7
    off season is 205-210
    Contest weight hoping 176 quarter
    this is a npc contest so it is drug tested, so i am just taking glutimine before cardio, creatine after workouts for my dexatrose. I will be trying to post some pics tomorrow to show you guys what i look like, and if you guys can help me out with what i need to work on. Here is my diet hope someone can help me out on that too. Thanks

    wake up at 6:00am
    5 g. glutimine
    1 Hour cardio "tredmill" incline at 6.5 speed at 4.1
    meal 1
    1/2 cup of oatmeal, protein shake
    meal 2
    chicken breast, 2 T. Flax, protein shake
    meal 3
    green beans, pork chop
    right after workout i do creatine with 33grams of sugar, with protein that is 40grams.
    meal 5
    Greens, carrots, chicken or pork chop, 1/2 cup of oatmeal
    meal 6
    Protein shake

    Any help will do,

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    post this in the diet forum bro, alot more help in that area over there


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    I doubt you getting enough carbs at 8 weeks out. You are risking losing too much muscle. I am 3.5 weeks out and I am having 290 carbs and I am right on point.

    Also try taking Vit. C, BCAA, FFAA.

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