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    First Comp. Need some help??

    hey bro's i am doing my first comp March 12. It is a novice show so i need to come in tip top shape. i am only doing 1 hour of cardio a day right now, only taking protein, glutimine, multi vit, fat burner from GNC, and clenbuteral. Need to know when i need to stop taking any of these suppliments before comp or should i just keep taking them till the day of or what. Need some help. Any imput will do Thanks

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    I would cut protein shakes out at 2-4 weeks out of for others i would take them all the way through, clenbuterol should be cut 3 days before the carb up...good luck..XXL

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    Just curious, why should protein shakes be cut out?

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    I normally cut protein shakes out as most contain some sodium and will therefore affect water retention. Some also contain carbs to aid protein absorption and even a small amout will affect your ability to shed fat and come in cut at the end of the diet

    Good luck

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    Quote Originally Posted by AandF6969
    Just curious, why should protein shakes be cut out?
    synthetic proteins bro, no need for them. The ingredients in those protein shakes and things similar can have a dramatic impact on the look of your physique, especially if you are in excellent condition. I tend to cut them out earlier in the game. Consume only solid foods...

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