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    Gettin back in. Need words of encouragement

    Hey guys i need some words of encouragemnt.
    Did my first show back in Nov. Did great placed third and my post contest rebound pushed me up to about 200 which was great. Due to some personal problems i havnt been able to train or even eat well at all. I have lost so much weight and muscle and i know within time it will all be back but if anyone could share there past expierences with similar problems it would help me get outta this mental rut im in. Tommorow is my day back pushing steel and i cant ****ing wait...

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    yeah right
    Sorry about whatever personal problems halted your training...good luck reaching your goals...

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    i've never done shows. but i consider myself to have descent size(compared to kids in my school) but i fractured my splene a little over 2 weeks ago. cant train for another 5 and a half weeks. some kid asked me if i was doin a lot of coke over vacation cause he could tell i lost weight. sucks. but i just keep thinkin of the day i can get back, training harder and get my diet back in check. might sound weird but u dont know what u have till u lost it. so train hard, and remember that anyone that is trully dedicated can come back

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    Fell out of a cab and ripped part of my tricep/tendon... I am gonna be out for about 2 more weeks.
    I wouldn't worry too much, your gains will come back really quick with the time off. I lost 13 lbs. when I got my tonsils out in december, and gained back 23. Sometimes you just need a little break

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