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Thread: contest help

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    contest help

    ok guys im competting in 3 shows this year. may 25, june 8, and july 20. im definetly running fina, winny, and maybe prop depending on the fina dick. but thats not the point. the july show is so far away from the others but the most important, but i want to win the others also.

    april6 1
    april13 2
    april20 3
    april27 4
    may4 5
    may11 6
    may18 7
    may25 8 show
    june1 9
    june8 10 show
    june15 11
    june22 12
    june29 13
    july6 14
    july13 15
    july20 16 show

    now my ?. when to start? what should i do. help help help. i know your out there with great advice dr. dereck

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    Man I really wish I could help, but I have never help anyone, or did that many shows that far apart. You would have to talk to someone who compete continuosly for the whole season which is not me. My your buddy Don, he might be able to lend a hand. If someone asked me my advice I would tell them that they should not consider doing that many shows that far apart. I would plan at least a 9 month offseason to gain weight, and I'm one who believes that a person must get heavier to gain quality muscle. Sorry but maybe Eye Candy or Mike XXL, or Primmo can help you with this they are all seasoned veterans. Good luck brother let me know how you did you've came a long long way

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    ps you think steriods are hard on your kidney's lets talk about diuretics, if you plan on using them, that a bit much for me

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    I have to agree with DD...i wouldn't do that many shows over that time period...the most i would do in a year would be 2...and ideally they would be at least 3 but not more than 5 weeks apart...and the first one would never be the one i wanted to peak for

    If the July show is the most important, that should be your priority...not winning other shows as well

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