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    I need your help please

    Hi fellas,

    I am going to compete in 2 weeks and I don't know if you could help me with a concern I have for next week. I am a traveling teacher (go from classroom to classrom) and up until this week I have been having a whey shake midmorning( in btw breakfast and lunch). This week I am off from school for spring break so I am eating chicken midmorning( no more shakes). The problem is that as of next week when I get back to teaching I will not have a break until 12 or so and it's then when I eat lunch. I eat breakfast at about 7 am so that will be many hours without eating. I wonder if it would be better to drink the shake or not eat anything midmorning, maybe have some glutamine/BCAA's??. I definitely don't have any minute to eat before lunch at about 12. Before I could gulp down a shake when I was walking to my next class

    Any suggestions will be appreciated.


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    Did I just answer a few questions in a pm from you?

    Boy this is a problem. What are you doing for your 2;00 or 2:30 meal?
    Is school out then? Couldn't you have a chicken breast in your cooler you just wolf down on your way to the next class. Don't have like 5 or 8 minutes between class?
    I prefer to cut out all none whole foods a full month or more ahead of time.

    That being said your body has gotten used to your current diet. Maybe just leave well enough alone? If it is only one shake a day. I guess it could be worse. A nice low carb whey shake isn't all that bad. Add your glutimine to that shake alone with your bcaa.

    Good luck,

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    Thanks for your reply. So, do you think I could still have the whey shake with glutamine and BCAA's over not eating until 12?

    I literally have no time to eat. my classes are scheduled back to back with not even 5 minutes in between!!!

    School is over at 3.00 pm. I can then have another meal of chicken. That's not a problem. So, I don't know if I should eat breakfast at 7 am, then have just glutamine and BCAA's at 10.00 a.m and then my lunch, and eat another meal at 3 pm before I go home or if I should eat breakfast, then have a whey shake, then lunch, then go home and eat my next meal then( at 4 pm or so)???

    Any input would be great!! it's a tricky situation

    Thanks a lot

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    If you are in a total bind, i would rather see you have the protein shake with some EFA essential fatty acide such as Flaxseed oil maybe 15mlof oil and the protein...that's deffinitel better option then not eating for 5 hours...hope that helps...XXL

    All of the Statements made by Mr. Mike_XXL are purely fictional and have absolutely no merit and are not meant to cure, prevent or diagnose any disease, please consult your Physician before starting any exercise and supplement regiment.

    Canadian proud, Northern muscle baby!

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    Just tell your class your going for a bathroom break, Eat or Drink what you need in the stall, I would.

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    Thanks guys. That was very useful!!!

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