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    bringing your own set of dumbells


    Would it be a good idea to bring your own set of dumbells to the show for pumping up? I know there will be a pump room but it might be hard to use the equipment with all the competitors and stuff.

    As a middleweight competitor how heavy should the dumbells be for a bit of pumping up? I was thinking of 10 pounds or perhaps 12 pounds. would that be enough?

    any info with be great


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    Depends on the caliber contest...If it is a little show..Yes by all means bring your own dumbells.

    If it is National level.. bringing your own stuff may only congest the warm-up area.

    You don't need frustration on your big day

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    Get a set of the rubber band tube things. Just one medium strength will do. Go to the store and play with some buy one put in your bag. It will be there if need be. I would not carry extra dumbells to the show. For that fact if you just go through all your poses you will be pumped up enough. If you pose for 8 or 10 minutes you should be ready to hit the stage. That is one of my tricks. Most shows anymore have a very poor pump up area. Next to nothing to use.

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    Quote Originally Posted by kdtl61
    Get a set of the rubber band tube things.


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