hi guys,im planning on competing in 15weeks time,starting my diet 8weeks out as my metabolism is crazy fast and im pretty lean as of now,running vitargo cgl until then to keep full,heres my diet
7.30am 1/2 cup oats,10egg whites
9.30am 6egg whites in diet coke(tastes nice)
11.30am 1and 1/2tins of tuna,4rice cakes
2pm 1cup brown rice,2chicken breasts boiled,3egg whites
4.30pm(pre workout,workout 5.30pm) optimum mrp whey (40g pro,20g carb)
6.30pm 3whey,apple or 4rice cakes
7.30pm 3chicken breasts boiled,1sweet potato,lots of broccoli
10pm 2scoops casein protein

salad,diet coke,sugarfree jelly if im v.hungry during day
i plan on having a carb-up day(100g extra carbs) every 4days because i get flat
what do you think??
im 23,5'10,240lbs,9% bf at moment
il do cardio 30mins 1st thing in morning wks8&7 3days,wks6 4days,wks5,4&3 5days
thanks for any insight,i know my body pretty well,