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    female competition

    i saw that show supersize she and was wondering how the women are judged. some of those women have completely lost their feminine characteristics while others have gotten implants and wear makeup, jewelery, try to be flirtatious, etc... first off i totally respect all those women for the work they do but are the judges looking for women, muscles, combination of both? does it hurt you or help you to be more masculine or feminine? i guess thats my real question.

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    a few months ago the head of the NPC made a press release about how female body builders need to lose 10% of their muscle, they are starting to go back to a more feminine look, but from the results i have seen they are not following that to the T, it really depends on who the head judge of each show is and what they want, not the over all NPC or whatever it is

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    Every show is indeed different... wish it wasn't but it is...

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