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Thread: pumping up

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    pumping up

    how do you guys go around doing your pumping up?
    personally i feel that trying to hit my trap/lat region makes me feel too tight and unable to hit my lat spread at its best..

    how bout hearing from some experienced competitors?

    edit: forgot to add.. that means i avoid working my back while pumping up since i can't pose when my lats are too tight.. and moreover i don't think there would be any appreciable pumps in back (size wise).. takes on this?
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    I don't spend alot of time pumping up. I'll hit shoulder, bi/tri. Push ups for chest. Then I just start to go through the poses. Keeping my sweats on trying to heat up. I find stretching the back a little helps. More then anything just pose hard before walking out on stage.

    Good Luck,

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