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Thread: No Legs!!

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    No Legs!!

    Struggling with leg development paticulary calvs. Open to any suggestions

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    calves are hard to develop because they are mostly slow twich muscle fibers. It has been said 'for big calves choose your parents wisely", hehe and thats pretty true. You will have to do high reps heavy weight, full range of motion for calves.

    Legs? Squats.

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    Squat, leg press. standing and seated calf raises. Include all those in your training routine and make sure you're putting down the calories.

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    Just don't tain them every day , hit them hard once a week and full range of motion is very important. What is your calve routine like currently ?

    There is a technique that I like to use with standing calve raises , it's called running the stack. Firts warm up with 3 or 4 sets of standing calve raises with a comfortable weight - then comes the fun part. Set the weight stack to a weight that you will be only be able to do one rep , this is your starting point. After you have done one rep have your training partner / spotter move the peg only one plate lighter and do 1 rep. Move it one plate up again and do one rep. Continue this way until you have only got the plate attached to the machine left and do your last rep - only one set is needed.

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