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    For those of you who compete on a national level......

    I heard almost all guys on a national level keep a baseline test level of approx. 1G year round? Does that sound accurate?

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    I know of a few guys who compete at a national level and a guy who won Mr Los Angeles a few years back, and the guys i know still take some time off, but when they run they do run at higher end of the dosage scale. Mind you they don't take much time off, i know the guy the wan Mr.LA he used to run 10 weeks then take 8 weeks off, and repeat and that is pretty much how he got to the Mr.LA level, however he was very and i mean very geneticly gifted, most of the time he would only run to 2 - Sust. 250 / week and 50 mg of Winny every other day...and i ain't kidding about that, he was a lightheavy at 198 pounds and looked absolutely amazing. So i would say it depends on your genetics on how much you need to take to get your body to respond.

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    Yes mike is right what most people misunderstand is that all pros and i mean all pros are geneticly gifted people. Now a days you have to be a genetic freak to even place high at a national level show. but on top of genetics most national level guys use large quanities of aas, and I would say 1-2 grams a test a week is not unreasonable at that level. But you will often see this type of usage among the less geneticly gifted people.

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