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    Advices precontest

    1)Need advice on tricks and drugs to use pre contest to harden up and get rid of subcu water as well as improving vascularity as much as possible....i will be using winny, t3, , clen , proviron , vit C, and Testo propionate all pre contest...any help would be greatly appreciated...its my first show and i am now at 8.2% bf at 180 and i just started

    2)Is good Insulin (Humalog) for 2 days in Carico Carbo?And in day of contest??

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    I'm moving this to the competitive forum for you

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    I dont' use drugs but I know a bit about hormones and I would say that insulin would not be a good idea, it is one of the most fattening hormones in the body and one of the reasons people go on low carb diets to lose weight is because it lowers insulin levels which is better for fat burning. Fat burning is damn near impossible in a high insulin environment so I sould say no to that, but like I said you'll want advice from someone who has taken them before.

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    Mike help this fella out. Is this your first time running AS? This will make a difference, esp. dosages

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    First of all how tall are you and what weight devision are you going into...well to get down to 4% body fat you need to loose 7.5lbs of fat, which could easily be accomplished in 7-8 weeks by losing 1 lb. a week, that would bring you down to about 172lbs and you would be a middleweight. If it’s you first cycle you could use 100mg of Test Prop ever other day and 50mf of winny a day, that would give you a total weekly dose of 700mg a week, which should be enough to maintain you muscle mass while reducing bodyfat (i am not a promoter of very high dosages, however they do have their place but not when you weigh 180 lbs). You can use 50mg of proviron for the last 4 weeks of your diet that will further increase you hardness, however I am not a big fan of Proviron. As for clen use it for 2 weeks and then switch over to 2 weeks of ECA stack, make sure you discontinue the use of Clen at least 2 days before your carb up because it lowers you insulin sensitivity. If you are going to use insulin, use it only right after the work out, how many carb are you taking right after you train, you need at least 10mg of carbs for every IU of insulin, so for example if you ingest 50mg of simple carbs right after your work out, you can take 5IU of slin right (humalog becomes active right away) before your meal, make sure you also ingest some complex carb about an hour after you first meal and ideally some more carbs at the 2 hour mark after the shot of slin, so as you can see that could be the whole days allowance of carbs for some of us while dieting…and the best case scenario is to train in the morning if you are going to use slin. I personaly would stay away from Slin while dieting, even known that it's benificial for the recovery to have an insulin spike after you training. All the info you need about how to use T3 can be found on the "Educational Board" (righ underneath the "steroid questions" in little blue letters) however i don't think you will need T3 at this point, i think you can reach your goal without it. As for using slin for carb loading well that’s a whole new ball game Bro, and another long story PM me and I will try to help you out. I hope that helps you out a bit Bro…XXL
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