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    Getting ready for a competition

    Hey everyone i just have a question that i think has a answer more than what I think. Well right now i'm in my bulkin stage, trying to get up to 180lb and gain some huge time musle mass while i'm up there. now my question is, i wen to a competition and i saw some pritty ripped, i mean shredded. LIke paper thin skin. Can anyone please tell me what is the secret to get like that. I mean is ECA, and WINNI all there is to it with a nice diet? THere has to be a routine that everyone follows to get that ripped to compete. Please help. If it's a long article or somthing you can email it to if not please respond. thanks

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    diet, cardio, diet, genetics, diet, training, diet, drugs
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    Totally agree with primo... exactly how it is.

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    diet and cardio are the key's to success in this sport, well outside of genetics, which can be overcome to some extent. But I truefully believe that on a local level diet is the most important key, which alot of local competitiors have no clue, christ I've know people who have carbed up on Budweiser. Now if you move to a regional or national level, your talking diet, drugs, cardio, synthol, and politics.

    Its sad to say but there are alot of good bodybuilders, better than alot of pros, that will never see a pro card because they refused to kiss some one ass.

    But at the local level concentrate on diet and cardio for now.

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