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    What do you guys think of bioimpedence bodyfat testing

    I had my bodyfat tested by a scale that sends an electrode or something through your body and measures your bodyfat. The trainer who owns it claims that it is suppossed to be accurate at an error rate of 2%.

    Anyways, my bodyfat came up as 13.5, and that doesn't seem right. I know that most people are higher than they think but I still think I am lower than that.

    My pictures are posted in the member's picture section if you want to have a look. It is titled "before and after pics" and I also have two pics in the "show the world your abs" post.

    What do you guys think?

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    somewhere in reality
    i think that its crap


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    I think most methods are crap, use the mirror to tell if your lean, only thing i like the testing for is to make sure your going in right direction.

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    i've got one of those things...the weight is very accurate, but the bf is horseshit...mine fluctuates between 9 and 61%, depending on what i've eaten/drank or how much cardio i've done...get some calipers, may be off a little but at least you can get consistant enough results to compare up and down...

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    61%... that does sound a bit inaccurate...

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