Hell Yeah, and another one get the Bodybuilding fever!

I had no choice in shows the only NPC show that happened was here at South Padre Island at the time. In my case I started training about 2.5 months prior to get all of the fat off of me. I was always the big stocky short guy never really a shinning example of leaness. Well, I made that competition a reality I looked forward to every day. It takes time for the skin to adjust to the new leaner meaner you. Definately get a person with competition experience to go through the manditories with you: Side chest, FRT. Double Bicep, Rear Lat spread, and the like. That stuff will come easy.
What gave me the most problems was the precontest diet. That is where all of the conditioning homework needs to get done. At the weight in you will see who did thier homework and who did not. It is the hardest aspect as far as will power and focus. Oh, and precontest water is the tricky one.

If I can help I will. This site is the Best one I ever been to. I wish I had found it a long time ago. Listen to DD and XXL those guys know whats going on.

Big R.