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    Results from USA's

    Menís Overall Winner: Idrise Ward-El
    Menís Overall Runner-Up: Troy Alves
    Womenís Overall Winner: Rosemary Jennings
    Fitness Overall Winner: Julie Childs
    All four receive IFBB pro cards.

    Menís Super-heavyweight
    1) Idrise Ward-El*
    2) Alan Grimes
    3) Dave Palumbo
    4) Omar Deckard
    5) Albert Foster
    Menís Heavyweight
    1) Troy Alves*
    2) Marcus Haley
    3) Abbas Khatami
    4) Darryl Bush
    5) Ruben Escobar
    Menís Light-heavyweight
    1) Kris Dim
    2) Michael Ergas
    3) Robert Lopez
    4) William Owens
    5) Neko Roberson
    Menís Middleweight
    1) Stan McQuay
    2) David Henry
    3) Garrett Allin
    4) Jose Raymond
    5) Tito Raymond
    Menís Lightweight
    1) Eryk Bui
    2) Jesse Duque
    3) Derik Farnsworth
    4) Rey Ronquillo
    5) Carlo Filippone
    Menís Bantamweight
    1) Clifton Torres
    2) Lazarus Angulo
    3) Ronald Nurse
    4) Heath Warren
    5) Thomas Armstrong

    Womenís Heavyweight
    1) Colette Nelson
    2) Alley Miesch-Nie
    3) Michelle Tuggle
    4) Heather Policky
    5) Annie Rivieccio
    Womenís Middleweight
    1) Rosemary Jennings*
    2) Jeannie Paparone
    3) Tonia Williams
    4) Cindy Dowies
    5) Debbie Bramwell
    Womenís Lightweight
    1) Melanie Thompson
    2) Shannon Rabon
    3) Michelle Burdick
    4) King Raub
    5) Jamie Troxel
    Fitness Tall
    1) Julie Childs*
    2) Adria Klein*
    3) Elizabeth Maurice
    4) Melissa Babers
    5) Kristen Rosen
    Fitness Medium
    1) Kimberly Scheidler*
    2) Kimberly Lyons*
    3) Sandie Ward
    4) Angela Semsch
    5) Peggy Sue Crawford
    Fitness Short
    1) Nicole Rollazo*
    2) Carissa Carter*
    3) Rose Hendricks
    4) Melissa Maffioli
    5) Heather McCormick
    * Earns pro card

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    Did you type all that? Its good to see Troy got his card, and Jose beat Tito Thanks

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    Troy been working hard on getting that card for some time now.

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    somewhere in reality
    does anyone know how jeff willets looked or placed

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    what happened to Matt Duvall?

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    Looks like the Kings boy didnt do as well as he guaranteed..

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    I had met David Henry last year at a show in Dallas, Tx. He is a complete super freak in genetics. As a middleweight he won the show as a open competitor and the overall. This year he beat both of the Raymond brothers at the USA. He is a real good person to talk with. I wish him the best of luck next year. People should get to know him as a contender for his procard.


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    Stan McQuay used to claim to be all natural, has he crossed into the dark side??

    bump on what happened to matt duval??

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    WPB, FL
    I think Duval is doing the Nationals

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    Duval finished second to Art Atwood at last year's Nationals, and then did not make the top-six at the USA's on the weekend.

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    hey guys,

    thanks for the comments BIG R, i brought about some serious changes for the show, wait till you see me at the nationals this year in dallas!


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