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    Did you do the creme filled donuts the morning of the show? Or did you stick with the traditional stuff??

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    I wanted to, but...... I just couldn't let myself do it.....I did however eat a s@#! load of walnuts throughout the night before.....When ever I woke up to get rid of that tiny last bit of water, I would eat a handful of walnuts........the morning of the show I got 2 traditonal meals in before prejudging (chicken/turkey and sweet potato/dry oatmeal). I then ate as many walnuts and rice cakes covered in honey as possible before stage time....I also had a little bit of grape juice and wine about 45 minutes before hitting the stage.....I actuallly think the high fat in the walnuts maybe next time I will have the balls to do the creme filled donut thing!!!! The pizza and peanut butter cup milk shake afterwards were delicious though!!!!!


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