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    Up coming compititions... any of you gonna b there?

    October 26 in Lawrenceville, NJ and November 9 in Patterson, NJ. I will be in tthe teen division at both. Wondering if anyone from this board will be competing?

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    Toopowerful4u, I was gonna go in the one on Oct 26, which is the South Jersey Bodybuilding Championships but I decided to skip it and work on gaining more mass in my chest, lats and delts. But I will be there, the store that I work for is one of the sponsors of the show. Good luck, I don't know about the teen division but I know if you were gonna be going into the mens open, that you would be up against some tough competition. I know like 3 people that are in three different weight classes and are all in top shape. One guy who I was in a show with(different weight class), might have a good chance of taking the mens open, he won the middle weight and overall win at the Trenton in June which I entered and he's one alot of shows prior to that. Anyway, I'll stop talking about them cause they have nothing to do with you, but anyway good luck.

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