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    Need Big Favor On Contest Prep

    ok i am goin to to enter some bb comps in late feb. 1st of march

    i am 205 about 10% bf

    i want to come in comp. about 200-205 4-5% bf

    i am goin to get huge over the winter and start contest prep in january

    i need a meal plan

    i need info on posing

    i need info on a routien

    need to know how much cardio to do

    what supplements do i need while in contest prep and while getting as huge as i can over the winter(no steriods )

    i eat about 5500-6000 calories a day

    i dont do cardio while in bulkin stage

    please help because this is going to be my 1st comp and i want it to go good


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    No flame intended but if you read posts on this forum just about all of your questions are already answered, go see my post about contest prep "Get Ready to rumble round 2 & 3"...that will give you some idea on how the dieting works, and you can't get huge over one winter...and to go from 205 10%, to competition weight of 200 or so at 3-4% BF, well how do i put it, i don't think it can be done not in such a short time. I know one thing most people that say think they are 10% BF are almost always more...i don't know maybe you are, how did you come to that conclussion, was the test done, was it done by a professional...i am just getting into high singles and i have already dieted for 4 weeks, and if you see my off season pics i wasn't very takes time, i think a better goal might be to try to gain some lean muscle in the next 8 weeks (lets say about 5 pound) start dieting for the shows a little earlier then January, as it is very hard to get ready in 8 weeks...Good Luck Bro...XXL

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    J.P do some research bro, buy a magazine-search the net, everything that we know you will find here or at other sites. Do your homework and your sure to do well

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