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    Exclamation help with contest music!!

    Guys and Girls,

    A friend is competing in 2 weeks time. He wants me to gather some music for him for his pose. Maximum time is 90 secs, and he wants something to get the crowd going... Possibly thinking of mixing a few songs together. Maybe starting off with something slow, then hitting one of these songs. What do you suggest from this list? Or something else?

    - Ja rule - Furious
    - DMX -
    - Dr Dre. - Next Episode

    - Prodigy - Voodoo People

    - White Zombie - More human than man
    - Front Line Assembly ??

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    For my first show back in April I had a DJ mix part of Green Day's 'Brain Stew' (the first little bit with the slow guitar riff and Godzilla screaming) and Puff Daddy's 'Come with me'.

    It was hard and slow enough for a clumsy lummox like me to pose too. I got a very favourable reaction from the crowd.

    For my last show I just used the Fox NFL Sunday Football Theme. The crowd reacted to that a bit better. It's got lots of great accents in there for posing too and I can guarantee there'll be lots of football fans in the crowd. I had a DJ cut off the last 20 seconds as I could only have 60 secs of music.

    My advice is to stay away from anything that's been popular in the last 9 months. Depending on the size of the show there will be a few guys using the same music. 4 guys posed to "hero" at my show.

    One guy posed to the Superman Theme at my first show and that rocked. He did Conan this time around and that was pretty good too.

    If he's got lots of style and fluidity he could always use love music. My bud is very graceful and always uses love music. The crowd always goes nuts for him, but he's such a ham on stage too.

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    Anything that dont make the crowd think they just took a capfull of GHB.

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