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    Tanning and Pro Tan for shows 2 weeks apart?

    I have two shows exactly 2 weeks apart Oct 26 and Nov 9. What do i do about my tan between shows? Do i try to remove the Pro Tan, continue tanning in beds, then reapply? Do i just do nothing, and reapply when needed? Please help

    Also, if i got this right from what silver fox wrote... "Good products for show tan protan on friday, 2-5 coats depending on your color then Sat AM one coat of dream tan #2 and second one before going on stage. If needed 3rd coat before night show.( usually shower after pre-judging so need another coat at night)"

    So i DONT need an oil before going on stage, the dream tan #2 will act as that? I do that directly before i go on right?

    One more thing, im italian so il have a good base tan. I know to stop tanning a week out to give the skin time to recover and the tan set in so i dont hold water. Would someone be able to write out for me EXACTLY when to shower and apply coats the day before.
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    You don't need oil with Dream Tan and i always just put it on after the competitor's meeting...if you have someone that knows what they are doing, it only takes a few minutes

    If you have a good base tan, i would try to get rid of all the pro tan after the first show...scrub your body raw if you have to...if you leave it "on" and re-apply, you are just asking for uneven color and streaks for the second one

    You could try your first coat of pro-tan Thursday night...shower Friday morning...apply it as many times as you think you need to Friday during the day/night...shower one more time at night

    A base tan really makes all the difference...i know someone who only uses one coat of Dream Tan before he goes on stage and he always has the best color of the entire show..doesn't even touch Pro-Tan

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    I would NOT use ProTan as it takes for ever to get off and it somes of uneaven, making you look like you have a skin took my girl over 2 weeks to get rid of all of hers, and she had a second show 2 weeks after she used the ProTan, she looked a little blotchy as the ProTan was still present in some areas like armpits, knees, elbows etc...and she scrubbed the shit out of it. with baking soda and everything alse she could think of...good lcuk...XXL

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    Well I think he could get away with a good base tan, 1 coat of protan and 1 or 2 coats of dreamtan, remember with dream tan you dont need oil.

    You may want to think about using Jan Tana, I hated it because it came off so easy and since I sweat alot it ran. But I could remove 4 coats in two showers.

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