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    Few nutritional content questions for carb loading

    How many carbs, roughly, does a medium sized potato contain?

    How many grams of protein does a regular sized piece of boneless skinless chicken you buy from shoprite contain? How about a half lb of filet mignon steak?

    Are walnuts the best thing for a fat source for carb loading, or can i use other kinds of nuts. Peanuts? Mixed nuts? Cashues?


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    That is a tough one, as i weight everything out so i know exactly what i am putting in my mouth. But if i had to make an educated guess, i would say midium potato 20-30gm of carbs, chicken breast 30gm of protein, steak i have no clue, and yes you can have walnuts and cashues if you preffer.


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    Go to - they have nutritional info on just about anything and you can type in the weight (or select the size) of the serving and it will do the calculations for you....

    Hope this helps,

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    Or you can always go to the book store and buy a handy little pocket nutritional value book. The one I have contains info on just about anything you can imagine.

    Mike is right about the med pot. 25-30 grams depending- I would also say that he accurate on the chicken, as for the 8ozs of steak I would guess somewhere around 45 grams

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