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    One more question for Mike XXL

    In the outline you wrote for carb loading (which im following) you suggested a liquid carb meal post workout after the depletion workout. You said it should contain whey maltodextrine and dextrose mix. About how much of each should it contain? How much Malto, dextrose, and whey?

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    At a weight of 180 lbs i take in 100 gm of simple sugars right after the decarb workout, it could be 50/50 split between Matlodextrin & Dextrose, or if you can't find Maltodextrin then go with the whole thing being Dextrose, adjust the total amount of carbs to you weight. And as far as the protein goes i use 30gm scoop which is 24 gm of protien.

    Good Luck...XXL

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