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    The Good Ole' Days

    Whats the craziest thing you have ever done while dieting. Example: Three weeks out ate a 1lb of M&M's. BE HONEST HERE, anything goes. Mike needs help.

    I will go first. I was four weeks out, from a very big show, and I had not cheated on my diet in 12 entire weeks. I was at work and just about had a nervous breakdown. I chew, but spit out, eight snickers bars. Mind you I bought every one of the candy bars out of the machine, one by one and would run into the bathroom and chew it up, until it was all juicy then I would spit it in the toliet, 15 mins later I would do it again. I did this all day until all the bars were gone out of the machine.

    This same show I lost the over to Freddy Bigot, he was the light heavy and I was the heavy. I blame it on the snickers residue that was left in my mouth after I spit it out.

    So yes Mike I'm a spitter

    DO I HAVE A PROBLEM!!!?????

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    LOL! Whats up with these crazy diet posts Dr.D
    Are you getting back at Mike for something he did to you while dieting?

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    Not to be totally disgusting, but after seeing a 90% masticated snickers bar floating in the toilet, it'd be hours (not 15 mins) before I could eat ANYTHING...probably months before i could handle anything chocolate or peanuty

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    That Shits too funny!!!

    OKOKOKOK......heres mine. One late night after dieting for 9 weeks I went over to the fridge and started out with one spoon of peanut-butter.........that turned into about 5-6 spoons. Then went to bed guilty as HELL. I think that it cost me more than I know that one night of tempatation.......

    I threw out all of the P-Butter later that same day!
    I'm too weak to handle it seeing it there.


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    popeyes four weeks out, nuff said.

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    One night I was stuck out for a long time and didn't get to eat for 6 hours. Ouch. Well I got home I was so hungry I couldn't stop. I eat 1/2 jar PB, one box of granola bars (12 individual) 3 protein bars and still had a few scoops of ice cream and a banana. I felt like shit the next 2 days. haha. O well.


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