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    ProTan and tanning for comp 2 weeks away?

    I am applying 3 coats today of protan for my show tomorrow. Now after tomorrow, what should i do tanning wise for my competition 2 weeks away? Do i go home tomorrow night and scrub the hell outta my body n try to get it off? If some of the protan remains, is it pointless to go tanning next week for the next show?

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    You will need more than 3 coast unless your super dark already. Get it all off if you can as soon as you can otherwise in 2 weeks it will fuck up when you apply it again. Tan this week maybe through to Mon-tues next week then no tanning for 4-5 days before show.

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    Yeah like Silverfox said, i would have used only Jan Tana for color on the first show as it washes off easily, my girl did 2 shows in a row few months back and we learned the hard way, she used ProTan and then couldn't get it all off in time for the next show and the color applied patchy and shit, looked like she had a skin disease, so if you haven't already applied it go get something alse for the first show, and also i must agree you will not be dark enough unless you are super dark already. As for tanning the next week, i would go Mon to Sun-Mon week before the show and then stop all tanning...good luck...XXL

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    dont tan a week prior. Use Jan tana, warning the shit runs like crazy, use protan the second show with dream tan the day of the show.

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