Hey all, new to this board and actully to bodybuilding as a competitive sport. Anyway, I have gained plenty of info about how to lift and pretty good amount of stuff about nutrition. Now I want to learn about the details of competition. I know the certain procedures that (male in this case) bodybuilder go through (tanning, hair removal, posing routines, body fat reduction, posing suit color compared to skin color) and I have many questions:

1) Best way to get darker skin? I have very light skin and I burn easily. What would be the best way to get a tan? How long should I allow to do this?
2) As far as hair removal goes, I shave my face with an electric razor and is cause irritation. I don't want that to happen all over so what do other people do? Again, how long to allow?
3) I have found a few resources on posing (including a very good link to some online videos on this board ... thanks! ) but can't get any info about putting it all together? WHere should I go?
4) What is a safe amount of time to allow for BF reducation and what amount should be lost in that period of time safely?
5) Considering posing suits ... Where to get them? What style? What color? What material? Pattern or solid color?
6) I've already lost a considerable amount of hair on my head. Should I shave it all off or just cut it really, really short?
7) I also wear glasses ... Do most BB get contacts or just not wear glasses during the contest? (I am quite nearsided ... )
8) What is the substance applied to the skin to make it shine and what effects does that have on the skin afterwards? Is it easy to get off? Is it really slick that you might slip on it?

I've had several requests for pictures so that others can evaluate how I'm doing and I would like to look like I know what I'm talking about and also want to be evaluated from a contest perspective so that's why I'm asking all these questions.

Sorry to make the first post so long but I've been looking for a competition borad that is fairly active as this one seems to be. I look forward to reading you responses. Thanks! ...