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    Competition cycle

    Hey bros, Ive been thinking on doing my first comp. It's in about 8 months so I have lots of time. Ive been training about 10 years and am 5'11" and 195 lbs at approx. 10% body fat. I was looking for help on putting together a cycle that would start at about 16-20 weeks out. Ive done about 6 small cyles over the last five years and like to stay mostly "natural". Thus I respond extremely well when on and have kept cycles short and small. The biggest was 1 sus 250 per week and 10mg Dbol per day. This show is a small local show but nonetheless I want to do well. So far I have some goodies Ive been stock piling for precontest. I have 500 thai pinks. 35 clomid. 30 ** winny 50mg tabs. 24 sus 250. I also have access to anavar . Please give me some suggestions on how to run this and what else I should add or look for in the upcoming months. I plan to be around 10% when I start pre contest training as I don't bulk or get fat. I prefer to stay lean year round. I have gotten down to 5% b/f in the past and training and diet won't be anything new. Puttin togather a good cycle will however so those of you who have done it please help. Thanks in advance bros!

    Here's what it might look like so far:
    wk 1-12 sus 500mg/wk
    wk 1-4 Dbol 25mg/day
    wk 8-12 winnie 50mg/day

    Keep in mind I'd like to add to it to run at least 16 weeks.

    Can a mod or someone tell me if I should move this to the steroid board?
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