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Thread: first cycle

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    Exclamation first cycle

    I have never used steroids before, but i want to start. I am thinking about taking deca durabolin because it has low side effects,I get to keep most of the gains, etc. someone is offering to sell me this @ the following prices "Deca -Durabolin (Organon), 100 mg/ml, 2ml vial --- $16
    Deca-Durabolin (Organon), 50 mg/ml, 1ml amp --- $8" is that good? how much should i buy? how much should i take each week?

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    haha deca has low sides effect--who told you that??? it shuts you down hard but anyways--get to keep most of our gains????--that all depends on you and your diet and your post cycle therapy - deca is over priced a bit not much but some.and your asking about the other one??
    you get 200mg of deca for 16$
    you get 50mg/ml for 8$<<this sucks lets say you want to run 300mg per weeks 5/30=6x8$=48$x10 weeks 480$ oh shit, hope you like your salad being tossed because at this deal your going to get butt raped.

    I would find sombody else and tell the other dude who is overpricing you to go take a leep off a bridge. and then in the mean time i would searched the shit out of the edcational threads and the main page drug profiles, and a whole bunch of other shit i am not going into. good luck bro!! just being real to you
    how much are you running

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