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    How much carbs for a carb cycling diet

    Ive been following everyones advice on the diet, yet many people like mikexxl keep talking about carb cycling.
    On training days I eat three carb containing meals, on other days its only 2.
    Training days' carbs:
    1/2C oats
    1C brown rice or similar (sweet potato etc)
    1 bottle gatorade

    Non training days, i take out the bottle of gatorade (dextrose and maltodextrin, high gi). Is this fine? SHould I up the carbs, or leave as is?
    SO far my energy level is constant, just wondering what the most efficient way is.

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    I uaually cycloe my carbs between 150gm, 175mg and 200gm per day, and once a week i through in a day with about 300-350gm of carbs, saturday......that is when i try to reduce BF, in off season almost anything goes.......XXL

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