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    Need help getting posing music reduced to 90 seconds

    I have chosen my song, but I have no clue how to get it reduced to 90 seconds. I gave it to a guy who does some DJing on the side and even he said he was having no luck. IS IT THAT HARD?

    I really need this done ASAP and I'm clueless. This is really making me nervous. I'm 11 weeks out and can't begin to practice until I can get that done. I may have to use the last 90 seconds of the song and let it go at that.

    Any suggestions?


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    I thought it was men 60sec WOmen 90sec...?

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    bro don't worry about it everytime i've competed i've just put the whole song on there and they shut it off when you walk off stage. the only problem you might have is if the part of the song you want is in the middle and it's on a cd otherwise just give them the cd and once you practice your posing for a while you'll know when your 90 seconds is up just remember to hold every pose for about 5-7 seconds. the first show i did i thought i held my poses but when i watched the video i only held them for about 2-4 seconds.......o well, you live and learn.

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