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    A few comp diet questions...

    I'm now a little under 12 weeks out, and looking for a little advice.

    I've yet to have a cheat meal in 4 weeks of dieting. Should I have a cheat meal at some point during the week? And if so, what should it consist of? What is a "clean" cheat meal?

    Also, after my post workout shake, I like to eat chicken and potatoes. I usually lightly fry the potatoes in olive oil and then bake them in the oven. Is this a no no? I put in a few teaspoons of oil, that is all.

    Thanks for any replies,


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    I think for now you can keep the olive oil in there, as long as your BF is reducing you are alright, when i diet for shows i usually allow myslef one big carb meal a week, pasta, cheesless pizza, basicly lots of carbs but limit the fat intake...when i stop loosing weight i will have a cheat day, once again lots of carbs (800-1000 gm) but no fat or as close as i can get to zero...if you are still making progress youmight want to skip the cheat day for now, but one nice carb meal a week will not di much harm if any...think about it this way you eat 6 meals a day, that's 42 meals a week, if one of them is shit will that destroy your progress, not likely...good luck...XXL

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