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    Carb depleting/loading ALWAYS work?

    I am pretty much where I want to be as far as lean and ripped goes.
    Is there any benefit to still carb deplete/load. I still plan on doing the water depletion, but is there a chance the carb depletion/load phase can actually set me backwards?

    Any replies appreciated. Show in two weeks.
    I will post pic later tonight...


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    Sorry pic is so small. No detail when I got the original size off my buddy's camera...

    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Carb depleting/loading ALWAYS work?-most-muscular-w-leg.jpg  

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    Yes it works! Get with MikeXXl. He can really help you more then anyone when it comes to contest prep. I got a show in 10 weeks and have gone to mike many times.

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    First of all you look tight Bro, great work so far you look great now to your questions:
    Carb Loading is a pretty safe way to get that tight dry look, however as everything it can back fire, i have done 6 shows and out those i fucked it up 2 time, first i will tell you what not to not reduce your carbs too much in the final week, if you do it might take as long as 2 weeks to fully not fuck around with your sodium, do not add any to your food and also do not try to limit it, without sodium there is no carb up, as sodium is needed in lower intestine for proper carb not gradually reduce your water, once you cut it cut not cut water any sooner then 18 hours away from the show (this can vary but this general rule works well for most) up until that time drink as much as you can get any case i would deffinitely carb load thursday & friday till 6:00pm and then 3 hours after cutting water i would start fat load with some shitty foods like pizza, dry cake, peanutbutter etc....there is a very presise outline of my carb up i did last year for a show somewhere around here on this forum, it's a very big thread if you look around for it you will find out everything i know about carb & fat loading, it shows meal by meal breakdown...have a read through it and if you have any more questions hit me up and i will try to help...peace...XXL

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