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    Whats up with the Crew


    Just wanted to drop everyone a line. Letting you know that I'm still alive. Still not completely recovered from my surgery. I'm 20lbs lighter and about 10% fatter. Hope everyone is kicking ass in the spring shows, Mike and silverfox I miss talking to ya bros-.

    I can say that this time off has given me time to clean out, which I was in need of.

    Saw Jay and Gunter last week. I hadn't seen Gunter since the 2001 toronto pro show, the boys put on some fucking weight. he was fairly lean and weighing in a a whopping 350lbs. Jay was big as usual. polumbo looks like hes gonna pop. Needless to say being out of shape and hanging around those guys literally makes you feel like, welllllllllllllll smallllllllllllllll.

    Just wanted to take a moment and Wish the competing AR members luck in the spring and summer season.

    Jason are you doing another show or what? Give me a call..... Peace

    Dr. D

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    Hey, hey, hey...nice to see you here Bro, i hope you find some time to hang around here and maybe chat a next show is Late Oct and then early Nov, right now kick it around 215lbs and 14% BF or so...hoping to compete at around 185-190 so we'll see, still a bit of weight to put on but i have 8 more week of bulk up left......livnnfit just competed in 2 figure shows placing second and third the better she looked the worst she off to the nationals in fitness...well shoot me a line sometime Bro, peace...XXL

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    Glad your alive and kicking again

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    Dr. D

    Good to hear that you are still alive and Kickin' it. You went the Ronnie? I heard that Palumbo looked the best by far. What did you think......I almost dont want to believe that he looked better than Gunther and Cutler. Heard that the comp. was a cool one.
    It'll be soon that you start to rule the gym again...........
    I compete in 11 weeks.


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    Hoping your recovery speeds up

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    Thanks for keeping us updated bro! I wish you an extremely expedient recovery.


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