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    Exclamation Baby Boomers are Coming Out of the Woodwork!

    While the contest I'm doing on Saturday is the best attended in our state (both audience and competitors - been sold out for over a month), the Masters classes, esp over 50 have not been real competitive.

    They have a Mens Master 40 and Master 50, then winners compete for Masters Overall. Last year there were two competitors in the Master 50 class. The year before there were three competitors. Last night I was told there were so many entrants that they made a Masters over 60 class. There ended up being 8 competitors in the Masters 50 class!!

    I'm on day 3 of carb deplete and water load. Last night I nearly blew it! I'm usually a VERY sound sleeper. The last week I have been having trouble sleeping. I lay on top of the covers in my underwear, sweating up a storm. I got up in the middle of the night with this DRASTIC craving for food. Now I know that since I haven't had any carbs in several days, that's what I was craving. I went into the kitchen - and my mission was to eat! Well - I have this large bag of turkey meat I grabbed and started eating away. After eating about 4 - 5 oz, I realized that this was not satisfying my craving - I could have ate the whole bag (about 2 pounds) and wanted more. So - I just gutted it up and went back to bed


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    It will be worth it when the show it over, hang in there!

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    The old guys rock. My last show there were 7 guys in the Master's class (40+). The overall title was one by the guy that one the masters class (he also placed first in the heavy weight class).

    I like to see the old guys that have stayed in shape. The ones that are just getting back into it rock too. They seem to be having a blast.

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