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    Angry Contest Results - Live and Learn!

    I hope this post doesn't sound like a bunch of excuses. I hope others can share and "add" to my experiences.

    Bottom line: 7 competitors showed up in my class, 9 were registered. This was the Masters 50 and in recent years they never had more than 3 or 4 competitors. But this year NPC made it into a national qualifier. I finished in sixth place. "I knew" from the way they "re-organized" the line-up at pre-judging that I didn't do as well as I hoped.

    The class winner was Jerry Hogevoll (Hogie), an Author (he did write the book - actually 2 so far) and TV Show Host. I could tell that when he took his sweats off, he was the one to beat. He's won all of like the last nine contests he's entered. He's about 5'9-10" and about 175# but ripped to the bone.

    Me, at 5'6" came in on contest day around 162#. The thing that I've NEVER been able to achieve at past competitions is that "hard/ripped" look - like fathead and Randy have!!!. This go around I was VERY PLEASED with what size I retained and had A LOT of separation in my legs, back shoulders and arms. Where I was lacking (and ALWAYS have) was not enough (and barely had "any") was my serratus, obliques and lower back. Since I didn't obtain that hard look, I know that I needed to drop the fat in those areas. Those areas didn't "look" fat, they just didn't have the separation or hardness.

    I had professional pictures taken right after pre-judging and will post then after they're developed (sorry - I'm in no hurry to do this at this time). I'll post them on the board though - of course.

    Now here's what REALLY made me feel good. Other competitiors were coming up to me and commenting on my conditioning - this has NEVER happened to me in the past. I talked quite a bit with Hogie (trying to key-in on his nutritional program) and he commented quite a bit on my physique. He asked me how big my arms were and I told him 17". He said damn, that's what his were and he's much taller than me. Other than Hogie, I probably had more size (considering height - guy standing next to me in the lineup was about 6'3") over the next 5 competitors, but they were MUCH MORE shredded except for #5 as the scorecard showed a "race" between him and me. He told me afterwards that he was amazed that he beat me.

    Now place #2-4 were RIPPED. Like I said I definately had more "size" and they were all telling me so.

    One of people working there stopped me (he had a good-looking gal with him) and he told her to look at my biceps. He was simply fascinated that I have such a "pronounced split" between the heads. EVERYONE commented on my arms! You've got to realize this used to be my WEAKEST LINK. I've worked very hard, especially on biceps to bring them up!

    Wylde definately got me to drop water! The only problem is I had to be leaner to have had it be really effective. LIVE AND LEARN! Back to the drawing board - I may be "down" but I'm not "out!"

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    Great Job Its neat to have everyone come up to you after, and comment on you like that . That means you made a big impression up there.

    Sounds like it was a big, competitive show. Just let that be the fuel to get you motivated to do another

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    Good stuff

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    Great job Bro, live and learne that's what it's all about...i have yet to be 100% happy with my look at the show date, good luck in the fiture and looking forward to seeing the pics...XXL

    All of the Statements made by Mr. Mike_XXL are purely fictional and have absolutely no merit and are not meant to cure, prevent or diagnose any disease, please consult your Physician before starting any exercise and supplement regiment.

    Canadian proud, Northern muscle baby!

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    Great Post, Great Attitude. You will be successful!!!


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