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Thread: Another update

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    Another update

    Just finished up a blitz type cycle 40days, 1cc of PVL suspenion/fina (125mg sus/25mg fina per ml) ED, and 80mg of d-ball day, (hard to back off after 25 days to 50mg day was too bloated). Started just shade over 234ish, finished up 246lbs (have drop some water last few days, like i said very bloated) But still netted some good gains, my strenght went nuts personal best in most lifts, seated miltary press 275 for 3 slow controlled reps, 150lb dumbell on incline press for 10 slow controlled reps, similar results in other lifts. So very pleased with results, i now have about 24 weeks until my show, so going to run basic test/deca cycle up until 12 weeks out then switch over to "cutting cycle" (I believe diet = cut or not cut not gear, key is clean eating and controlling estrogen levels IMO) I will be cutting my carbs a tiny bit right now in evening, and VERY tiny bit of cardio 20mins 3x week, just to start fat burning ideally want to maintain weight and get leaner. As few know last year i over dieted and this year plan to go slower and more "controlled" should be able to come in as small heavy weight. Also typical meals when bulking was 80-100g of carbs and 50-60g of protien per meal (total 7 meals day) NO SHAKES, vit c, muti Vit, about it for supplements. Fats were whatever i got from the meat and eggs, lots of red meat and extra lean ground beef.

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    Hey Silverfox, please keep us updated. I'm really wanting to do my first show within a year now and am looking to you guys with experience for guidance. If you would keep us updated on what you do the closer you get to your showdate that would be great and help me learn alot. BigAL said he would do the same since he is getting ready for an upcoming show and I know between the two of ya'll a newbie to competing such as myself could learn alot. Thanks and good luck.

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