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    Letmein's Contest Diary

    Ok, the thing I said that I would never do again is gonna happen! I am embarking upon another contest. This time I am taking a little different approach and I intend to share the results on a weekly basis for the next 16 weeks.

    So what's different this time?

    1) HRT via my anti-aging doctor (high normal levels of GH, Test, Cytomel , DHEA)
    2) 16 week contest prep vrs. 12
    3) I just learned how to lift (been wasting time in the gym for the last 20 years)
    4) I opened a Wellness Spa that offers Hydrostatic Body Composition and Metabolic Rate testing so I can accurately track my transformation on a weekly basis.
    5) I get to compete in Masters!!!!

    My current stats:
    Age 40
    HT 6' 3/4"
    WT 238
    BF% 19.5 via Hydrostatic measurement
    Resting Metabolic Rate (RMR) 1900
    No juice for 1 year

    Blood Chemistry

    Somatomedin-C-----206/360 ng/ml
    Estradiol------------36/<56 pg/ml
    Cortisol-------------13/<25 ug/dl
    Testosterone --------611/1000 ng/dl
    Free Testosterone---74.5/300 pg/ml
    Dihydrotestosterone-485/<1000 pg/nl
    DHEA---------------141/560 ug/dl
    T-3-----------------3.4/4.2 pg/ml

    Pictures will be forthcoming.

    Week 1:
    Diet: 40-40-20 low glycemic carbs, 5 meals/day, 2500 cals/day

    Training: 2 days on 1 off all parts once per week. Cardio 30 Min 2x/week on off days

    HRT: .4mg HGH (genotropin) 6 on 1 off, 200mg Test Cyp/week , 25 mg Cytomel, 50 mg DHEA.

    This will be my second show. Check out the "Letmein" thread in Members Picture Forum to see what I was able to accomplish last time or just look at my avatar.

    I recognize that this board has a ton of experience and will make a ton of recommendations. However, I am putting my contest prep in the hands of my anti-aging doctor, my trainer, my nutritionist, and my "Head Coach" that utilizes Neuro Linguistic Programming techniques to enhance the mind body connection and keep me in the game.

    Otherwise, I am your guinea pig as it relates to approaching a contest from a chemically conservative standpoint. At the end I will either prove that you can get there by keeping endocrine levels in the normal range or I will be on the "juice till you expload" bandwagon.

    BTW 1mg of GH = 3iu's. So .4mg = 1.2 iu/day
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