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    Just looking for some advice on many topics!

    Okay I am 21 I weight about 258lbs
    My bench is 175 x 12
    Squat 350 x 6

    Any way I am looking to drop about 50 lbs and obviously increase my lean muscle mass and strength.

    I am looking for people to give their opinions on diet, training and supplements.

    I would like to be about 200 - 220 about 5-7% bodyfat
    I look like I bench about 260 for reps but my strength does not add up to my looks

    So anyone who can give advice PLEASE DO!

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    people always think i bench a ton but i reall dont.

    as far as diet you need to eat good clean preotein and carbs, keep bad fats out and bad carbs out.

    for my first show i went from 275-187 in 18 weeks

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