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    cycle/show......what do you think?

    Im planning on a show next labor day weekend. I just got off cycle. I am weighing 235 at about 14%bf. Should I run another bulk cycle for 10 weeks starting january then take april off and start my contest cycle in may or should I just get off until may? I'll post pics and maybe that will help out. Another thing that might be a dumb questions but i'll look like an idiot anyways.....what kind of drugs do they test for at a comp?? thanks for any help.


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    i have been thinking about the same questions. it is a question of your size i think. if you feel like you need to put on some more mass i would do a winter bulker. i myself am doing a low dose 10 week bulker then gonna be off for a month and a half or so and then start my contest cycle in april or may. i am 1 week into my bulker. for contest i am thinking tren , prop, eq...

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