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    How to start competing as a Teen??

    Hey bros,

    I was wondering, how do you all the teens start off in bodybuiling?? Is there a website or organization like the IFBB that upholds teen bodybuilding??

    Where would one intrested in possiable teen bodybuilding go to find this stuff out??

    THANK YOU!!!!

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    Man....No one really comes to this section do they??


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    Well any novice contest will have a teen division, there's various organizations that you can compete through, probably the biggest being the npc. There's others out there, but there's really no difference between them.

    I beleive there have been various links posted to upcoming contests as the '04 schedule should be out. If you list where you're from, I'm sure there's probably someone else from that area here that can pass a link with a schedule to ya.

    Other than that, now you need to get in touch with someone in RL who has been through it before and just keep reading everything you can find about contest prep.

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