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Thread: Rear Lat Spread

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    Rear Lat Spread

    Does anyone know how to do the rear lat spread correct to where them uscles really produce. I don't think i'm pushing my shoulders far enough or what? Any body have any tips?

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    It took A LOT OF practice for me. It doesn't help that my shoulders/lats are narrow

    It's near impossible to describe. Try and find someone from your gym that knows how and have them help you. You kinda throw your shoulders forward and down. Don't make the mistake of "rounding" your back. I found that placing hands high, at bottom of rib cage helps.

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    I STILL can't get it down eiether.....AT first i thought it was NLS, but on back day I get unreal pumps, and I still cant see them that well...

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    lat spead

    You want to do it same as front, but with your head down, if you bring your shoulds forward to push your back out, it makes your back "rounded" and looks narrow. I kind of feel like i need to push shoulders down and lats out.

    See look at attachment, guy on left side is rounding his back which is making him look narrow compared to other two.
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Rear Lat Spread-latspead.jpg  

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    bring ur shoulders as far apart as poss. and push all your back muscles, and it will create the curve hes talkin about, long time to master, or even novice

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