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    Testing for Shows

    Ok are their lots of bodybuilding shows that do not test for steroids ? Cause their is no way the pros could be clean going into their meets, Or else they could not use deca , Or even EQ in the off season. I've heard a lot of the mass monster will run 2000mg test a week right up to comp to look really full, and somehow can still cut the water out. So what's your guys take on drug testing and has anyone ever passed a test with stuff in their system? I hear pros's getting tested for diuretics such as Jay Cutler, and Gunter and failing, but have never heard of anyone getting disqualified for a Roid test?? I guess the current 100 meter dash holder got nailed for deca, but it's pretty queit in bodybuilding so I'm guessing they must look the other way on a lot of these meets.

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    Are you talking about pro shows or amateur shows?

    If you're talking about pro shows, most of them announce whether or not they will be testing. If the show tests, well the pro's will just use something more exotic and there are certain diuretics they'll just avoid completely.

    Jay almost got DQed in '01 for diuretics, he got a lawyer and some how got out of it.

    As far as track athletes, I doubt they use Deca but they're often right on the edge, and you'd be surprised by the amount that aren't clean.

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    Deffiently advoid diuretics.

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